Sunday, February 28, 2010

kill it!!!

if you enjoyed Poochinski...take a look at this failed pilot called Wishman.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oh Walgreenz.

I decided if i ever were to open a marijuana clinic, it would be called Walgreenz. But until that happens its all about Walgreens. Its a treasure trove of goods!

For instance:

Cross shaped chocolate? really?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Get back to where you belong...a hole.

well, i guess it really happened.


Also... i dont usually get into videos like this because i find them really sad and mean.................but in this case, bitch had it comin!

Starting Over...Yet Again.

Day One.
Today i decided that my life had taken a turn for the worst, when i was greatly saddened by a scheduling error on the part of the Soap Network. I had it all ready. I was going to wake up, make some breakfast, PAUSE the beginning of the show while I'm cooking (as to gain Fast Forwarding credz), plop down and watch my daily dose of the OC at 1 and 2pm. Only to find that some shitty ass Soapnet original show was on. I mean, i guess it could be said that REAL rock bottom would be engaging in this show instead, but luckily the universe had my back in another regard when i realized i had an Oprah saved.

The point being, that now i'm writing a blog, so that while i watch tv i have something "productive" to do.

SOAPNET is trying to get us down man, in their commercials they literally say ZONE OUT! WATCH TV ALL DAY LONG! They use the term "supersized" in describing their TV blocks. Similar to fastfood, Supersized TV Programming leaves you paralyzed in a overindulged stupor.

8am-3pm?!  Although i will say its fun watching 90210 episodes from 1992, because everyone dresses the way people dress now.  

I think i'm gonna go see Dear John now...
what is more depressing:
to just get dressed at 5:30pm to go see a romance movie alone on a friday night?
or to keep myself tucked away in my cavern...possibly to watch What Not to Wear and Hoarders?