Wednesday, March 31, 2010

so goood.

Why will E.T. have a lasso around my heart FOREVER??!


i think the casting agent for harry potter was watching The English Patient, and was like WE HAVE OUR VOLDEMORT!!!

in other news...break me off a piece a dattt

also, where did the phrase "all that and a bag of chips" come from?? and where did it run off to?
like...was it a Subway term...i'll have that sandwich, drink annnnd a bag a chips?

the hillz are alive!!

Okay, so don't judge me but i think i need to watch the last season of the hills. I could give a crap about the relationship/party drama...but the lure of Heidi Montag's freak surgery is too much to resist.

mostly interested in 1:50 and beyond:

EW, PS- why does Ryan Cabrera keep popping up on every reality show i watch?? Who gives a FUCK?? I don't recall any of his hits?? He's gross, and he tried to steal my seat with a bunch of bimbos at a Russell Brand show i forever don't like him!

She STRAIGHT UP RUINED HER FACE for fame and press!! I mean, that takes some devotion to the cause. Like...i understand everyone getting plastic surgery to fit in, Hollywood's a tough town. But A. most people would take that secret to the grave and B. SHES 23 YEARS OLD!!! SHE WAS BORN IN 1986. Not only did she not hide the surgeries...she did a before and after spread for People Magazine...which i looked inside. They had an EXCLUSIVE with the president and his family...but Heidi got the cover-ha ha ha.

I know this is all pretty old news...but i find it pretty interesting what people are willing to do...and also entertaining. 


Seriously, i knew this guy couldn't be trusted. When Sandra was thanking him at the oscars, i was like ohh well maybe i had him wrong, maybe i stereotype these sorta guys unfairly. WRONG!

My response to this picture can be summed up in the last 3 seconds of this video:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

dun dun dun dunnnn


im sooo exciteddddd. i love getting new gadgets. it has an SD reader and all kinds of goodies. even though i had to be on the line with verizon allllll day because our phone jack is like falling out of the wall. JUST SHOOT ME! (copyright NBC)

Friday, March 26, 2010

what you need is a little TLC

I'm beginning to fear that LA Ink will eventually convince me that cat tattoos are a good idea...

also...i am greatly anticipating the season premiere of Little People Big World-as they will be in Europe. Matt and Amy's relationship will be put to the test! (and hopefully their cute tall son takes his shirt off). 
and in case you didn't know, the Roloffs have a sick family farm with a bunch of disney like attractions:
It is my theory that TLC, not only stands for The Learning Channel but also The Little Channel. They have quite a bit of little people related programming, and they have begun to cross categories.
There are the OG's- Little People, Big World, followed by The Little Couple...AND NOW as if to combine Ace of Cakes and little people...The Little Chocolatiers. I think next there will definitely be a show called "The Little Big Family" about a Jon and Kate Plus 8esque family of dwarfs. (seriously TLC you owe me money if you actually do it.)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Okay so this might be the most terrifying thing i've ever seen.

if i walk into the room, and my cat is looking at me 
this way...i might shoot it. just saying.
annnd this is maybe scarier...but kinda funny too.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My girlzz

Of the actresses i adore, two of them would definitely be Laura Linney and Gabourey Sidibe...which is why i am stoked about this new show "The C Word" (cancer not cunt). Its seemingly VERY Showtime; maybe a hint annoying but overall it looks pretty fun and pleasant to watch. Perhaps with touching moments sprinkled into each episode? I'm down to watch Gabz act more like herself and less like Precious. Check out the trailer!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i am a member of the internet

This past week, something miraculous happened.
I kept getting emails alerting me that i was getting comments on my youtube video "Cat n' Kitten Wrestle". I thought this strange, as i had only received probably two comments in two years. But this week i was getting multiple alerts everyday. So, i decide to check on the video... low and behold i had like 5,000 views! Pretty good considering i only ever had about 200. I grew suspicious at this seemingly random turn of events and upon research found the culprit. I checked the Youtube homepage and one of the featured videos was "Baby and Cat Wrestle",  that peeked my interest (first as a viewer, then as a detective). So yeah my video was one of the suggested videos from this video-ta da! Things only snowballed from there, and now the video has 29,664 views which is fucking nuts since its not that great of a video anyway. AND NOW youtube says im eligible for "Ad Revenue" A.K.A i can make money by placing ads on the video ha ha ha so awesome.

checkkkk it out:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hopes for my future.

i want to live in this house:

buy coffee table books for this room:

have this fireplace in my bedroom:

oh yeah, and open my door to this hallway, and have this dog sitting there, and name him Poochinski


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So many Mupps so little time.

There are some hard decisions to be the Muppet Tournament that is! The winner funnels down from 4 categories The Show (The Muppet Show), The Street (Sesame street), The Rock (Fraggle Rock), and The Rest (other Henson projects such as The Dinosaurs, Labyrinth, and early advertising creations Wilkins and Wontkins and The LaChoy Dragon). Some of these are heartbreaking choices, they pit Rolf and Fozzie Bear against eachother! Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird! Animal and Beaker!! Whats a girl to do??

if you need help jogging your memory about the origins of some of these Mupps-check out:

In the late 50's/early 60's Jim Henson made hilarious commercials featuring some of the worlds most prehistoric Muppets. Wilkins and Wontkins star in a series of Itchy and Scratchy-esque Wilkins Coffee commercials that chose a threatening take on sales:

Monday, March 15, 2010

My idea of the perfect tattoo.

So i have never before seen someone's tattoo and wished so badly that i had thought of it first. Until yesterday i was watching an LA Ink marathon on TLC...and this happened:


Friday, March 12, 2010


Oprah showed me this guy named George Vlosich that does insane Etchasketch art. 
they are really cool, i want one of my cat.
he chooses weird things to draw.



What not to blog

Okay, so for those of you who don't know Stacy London is the Co-Host/TV personality/star of TLC's What Not to Wear. The point being that they come into people's lives, tell them that all of their clothes are fug-throw them away, and help them pick out a new wardrobe. So...I've been watching this show since like 2003 (I'm a sucker for Stacy and Clinton's Michael Kors-esque stabs at people's clothes. Those of which insult the participants taste with pop culture references they don't understand, see Little Abner Barbie). POINT BEING- the show has been on forever, and all of a sudden Stacy is getting mad ad campaigns?? I mean I'm down, it makes sense...her whole career is based on giving advice. So why not advise the American public on 'What to Buy'?





Sex and the City cameo anyone??


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
i'm erect, why aren't you erect??

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brown rice and vegetables

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
its ver-say-ce.

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Vegas is a jungle dude

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twin peaks.

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sex...or waterboarding?

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how do you think i got my first job?

this is the gift of my dreams:

OH-also don't forget to check out the new trailer for 
(yes it exists) SHOWGIRLS 2. It looks bad even by 
low budget porn standards.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

tWiLiGhT fEvErz!!

They're popping these movies out faster than octobabies!
I don't know why I continue to be excited for each movie to be released, because when i watch them they are unenjoyable 
and Robert Pattinson's looks dont make up for it at all.

heres a video for all you assholes still saying Robert Patterson