Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the hillz are alive!!

Okay, so don't judge me but i think i need to watch the last season of the hills. I could give a crap about the relationship/party drama...but the lure of Heidi Montag's freak surgery is too much to resist.

mostly interested in 1:50 and beyond:

EW, PS- why does Ryan Cabrera keep popping up on every reality show i watch?? Who gives a FUCK?? I don't recall any of his hits?? He's gross, and he tried to steal my seat with a bunch of bimbos at a Russell Brand show i forever don't like him!

She STRAIGHT UP RUINED HER FACE for fame and press!! I mean, that takes some devotion to the cause. Like...i understand everyone getting plastic surgery to fit in, Hollywood's a tough town. But A. most people would take that secret to the grave and B. SHES 23 YEARS OLD!!! SHE WAS BORN IN 1986. Not only did she not hide the surgeries...she did a before and after spread for People Magazine...which i looked inside. They had an EXCLUSIVE with the president and his family...but Heidi got the cover-ha ha ha.

I know this is all pretty old news...but i find it pretty interesting what people are willing to do...and also entertaining. 

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