Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i am a member of the internet

This past week, something miraculous happened.
I kept getting emails alerting me that i was getting comments on my youtube video "Cat n' Kitten Wrestle". I thought this strange, as i had only received probably two comments in two years. But this week i was getting multiple alerts everyday. So, i decide to check on the video... low and behold i had like 5,000 views! Pretty good considering i only ever had about 200. I grew suspicious at this seemingly random turn of events and upon research found the culprit. I checked the Youtube homepage and one of the featured videos was "Baby and Cat Wrestle",  that peeked my interest (first as a viewer, then as a detective). So yeah my video was one of the suggested videos from this video-ta da! Things only snowballed from there, and now the video has 29,664 views which is fucking nuts since its not that great of a video anyway. AND NOW youtube says im eligible for "Ad Revenue" A.K.A i can make money by placing ads on the video ha ha ha so awesome.

checkkkk it out:

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