Friday, March 26, 2010

what you need is a little TLC

I'm beginning to fear that LA Ink will eventually convince me that cat tattoos are a good idea...

also...i am greatly anticipating the season premiere of Little People Big World-as they will be in Europe. Matt and Amy's relationship will be put to the test! (and hopefully their cute tall son takes his shirt off). 
and in case you didn't know, the Roloffs have a sick family farm with a bunch of disney like attractions:
It is my theory that TLC, not only stands for The Learning Channel but also The Little Channel. They have quite a bit of little people related programming, and they have begun to cross categories.
There are the OG's- Little People, Big World, followed by The Little Couple...AND NOW as if to combine Ace of Cakes and little people...The Little Chocolatiers. I think next there will definitely be a show called "The Little Big Family" about a Jon and Kate Plus 8esque family of dwarfs. (seriously TLC you owe me money if you actually do it.)

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