Friday, April 9, 2010

Easy Reasons to love Patrick Wilson.

I try not to obsess...but its hard when HE'S GOT IT ALL!
He can act, reeaaally sing, dance, looks perfect, dresses well, and YEAH, maybe YEAH i google/imaged a picture(s) of his butt. I was just watching 'Angels in America' where there are scenes in which he makes out with a dude. Throughout all i could think was WHAT A MAN! Who on earth has all the above qualities and STILL dares to be straight? Sorry gays but he totally trumps Neil Patrick Harris. 

Just when i think i'm beginning to outgrow my teen-driven crushes on total strangers, i'm 
reminded of this human. uuugh. what a guy!
if you'll excuse me...i'm gonna go watch that Oklahoma vid again.
But first...OMMMMMG YOU GUYS-look what i found:

WHAT THE HELL??? I mean this is obviously old but WOW! (gross) 

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