Friday, October 1, 2010


is the greatest movie ever made, it's about a boy:
 and his grampy Seth:
 who is trying to tell him from beyond the grave how to defeat the Goblins of Nilbog (get ittt?)
 the goblins are strict vegetarians, so of course the only way to obtain these veggies is to make humans drink some cup filled with dry ice that will transform them into a veg- like substance....and then snack on their green goo.
they might lure you with cake...(oh yeah, they can shape-shift)
or they might seduce you with the promise of corn and sex...or corn sex.
and this is what i said when i realized how great the movie was:

The point is. you need to watch this on instant view immediately.
It offers a level of entertainment so high...IT. WILL. BLOW. YOUR. MIIIIIIIIIIIIND.

ALSO: there is this adorable documentary "Best Worst Movie" about Troll 2, made by the man who was the child in photo 2 above.  Its completely entertaining, touching and hilarious. I give it 4 Goblins.

Troll 2 is the new The Room
Best Worst Movie is the new King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

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