Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wait Wait Wait, Woah Woah Woah

Hey guys....soooooo you know Aaron Johnson? The kid who played Kick Ass in "Kick Ass" (great) and more recently John Lennon in "Nowhere Boy" (crap) really surprisingly sex-ay. If you haven't already heard, he is engaged to and has impregnated Sam Taylor-Wood the 43 year old director of "Nowhere Boy" (born 1967)...he was born in 1990.  When I first watched "Kick Ass", about 30 or 40 minutes in I realized he was pretty hot. But i thought it was more of the "Amy thinks every leading man is hot and/or there's somethin hiding under those glasses" type of attraction rather than a full blown bona fide sexy male model type of one. Much to my surprise, upon googling i found THESE:

Phew, now that we're all recovered... 
I'm warning all of you NOT TO SEE NOWHERE BOY!!!!!!! Its really boring and has nothing to do with The Quarrymen and is pretty much predominately about John Lennon's flighty whorish mother and his reliable Aunt Mimz. I'd recommend either just sitting home listening to The Beatles and looking at pictures of Aaron Johnson's super-dong, or just going to see The Social Network again.The only thing I can pat Taylor-Wood on the back for his snagging this barely legal mofo...although I do feel some moral quandary. If a 43 year old director knocked up a 20 year old actress...he'd have hell to pay.

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