Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why Black Swan is Center Stage

I saw Black Swan last night, and yes it was very good. A terrifying and beautiful psychological thriller, that reminded me just a little too much of one of my all time favorite cheesy classics, "Center Stage".

The first thing that made me notice was a pretty much shot-for-shot recreation of this scene:

Then, the sassy and sexy ballerina there to teach the frigid girl how to have a good time...once Zoe Saldana, now Mila Kunis:

The perfect prima ballerina with an over bearing, ballet involved mother who's living vicariously through her star daughter no matter what the cost is on her wellbeing?!

The red-lit dance scene where the black (swan) girl teaches the white (swan) girl how to loosen up a little:

yeah sure it was missing the Aronofsky sex, drugs, and grit,  buuuut a strong inspiration none-the-less?

The finale can only be compared in the sense that the girl who has been struggling to enbody the bold character she is meant to play in the show finally scrapes up the balls to do it WELL. Plus i just wanted to post this video cause i lurve it.

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  1. I honestly could not agree more! I was thinking about Center Stage the entire time I watched Black Swan. It's really just a darker, creepier version of the same concept.