Thursday, October 13, 2011

Downplay the Cat Part

I'm having strange heart palpitations imagining that this is not just a video I saw on the internet...but my future. This lady (add or disregard the "crazy cat" before the "lady" depending on your level of judgement,) had a beautiful 9 foot replica built of the crooked Weasley Burrow from Harry Potter built just for her cats...and her. This carpenter must be QUITE talented because building the Weasly house is quite a challenge, it is in fact  "held by the movie." He pauses there for just an instant, almost to infer that his creation is too, held by magic.

Laura insists that she is no crazy cat lady, telling the cameras, "if you downplay the cat part, and you up-play yard art, is what I was going for"
Of course! I'm convinced. But then again my thinking and her thinking are not that far apart. 

I appreciate that Laura has SUCH a intimate knowledge of what the Weasley's would really do, she even knows their building material preferences!  "Copper not only is expensive, but it would not be something the Weasley's would use," she told the artiste.

Upon being asked if her cats will like it she empatically replied "YES!" with what can only be described as Target Lady enthusiasm. Cut to: the cats not going anywhere near that teetering structure, favoring that toaster box from Amazon. I actually wouldn't be surprised if this lady didn't even have cats. Cut to her curled up in her little "cat house" so pleased with her purchase. So pleased.

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